Unreal Engine 4

Managing multiple UE4 Projects

At WisEngineering, we have multiple UnrealEngine 4 (UE4) projects in various states of production, at any given time. While UE4 is an excellent solution for teams large and small, managing UE4 projects can be daunting. Large teams will benefit from the Unreal Game Sync (UGS) System’s vast resources, providing a fine solution for build distribution. However, for smaller groups or for groups that have in-depth remote access requirements, the UGS isn’t an easy to implement solution. This white paper is for you.

This paper will clarify the process of managing and distributing builds to team members, establish a path for artists and programmers alike, and demonstrate how to setup the best solution for merging and upgrading.


Value Proposition for Augmented Reality in Synthetic Training Environments

This whitepaper presents an overview of the advantages that Augmented Reality (AR), the combination of virtual simulation with a physical environment, can bring to Synthetic Training Environments (STEs). AR training benefits include increased retention, improved time to complete training, and better long-term performance of tasks. AR training can be quickly modified to keep pace with environments where information, technology, or personnel needs change rapidly.